Established in 2004, is a specialized supplier of packing materials, packing machinery, plastic processing equipments and other materials.
Our products have been exported to more than 50 countries and regions with our stable market and reputation especially in the European, South and North America, Middle East, and Asia.


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Standard POF shrink film

Polyolefin shrink film is a very good biaxial oriented 5-layer co-extrusion shrinkable film, which has excellent clarity, slip and physical performance. It is soft, flexible and not embrittle in low temperature after shrinking. It ensures your products to be better protected and does not give off any harmful gases. Also it is compatible with most wrapping systems including high-speed shrink-wrapping machine.
Cross-Linked shrink film

With cross linked technology, cross-linked shrink film is the most perfect heat shrink film. It can help you solve all packaging problems. As cross-linked shrink film offers excellent shrinkage, strong & durable seals, wide sealing temperature range, it is suitable for all packaging systems with its excellent properties.
micro perforated film in plastic film

POF micro-perforated film is suitable for the packing of breads, fruits and vegetables. It could extremely accelerate the air exchange between packed food and outside,which will promise the fresh of foods.
Triple bubble line
Triple bubble line
CE standard Suitable to process:LDPE,LLDPE,EVA,EAA,EMA,NYLON,EVOH Film thickness:30-100um Output:50kg/h Five-layer biaxial oriented tension product line is applied to process and produce biaxial oriented barrier shrink films. This line consists of extruder, mold, first tractor (including vacuum sizing), water slide heater, tension machine unit, setting oven, rotating tractor, mainframe plateform of winder (including cooling roller device).
Side Sealer Continuous Motion packing machine
Servo drive system ensures the machine to perform stable even under a high or low operating speed. Feature *Continuous sealing motion, High production speed, Reliable side sealing, sealing line is neat and strong *Simple and variety products infeed systems are available to feed different kinds of products. Integration of Servo T-400 into a production line is easy with the help of automatic infeed system. *Touch screen control system, easy to operate, prevent man-made mistake. * 99 sets of product memory for retrieval highly reduce the product changeover time. * Special side sealer device can reduce the wastage films, further reduce the packing cost. Compare to other machines, up to 10% material cost can save * Different automatic feeding units can be integrated with T-400 for an automatic production line. End seal jaw opening can easily adjust to allow T-400 to pack large and tall products. Parameter