Fully automatic Sleeve Wrapper

Product Name:
Fully automatic Sleeve Wrapper
Flexible integration Optoelectronic safety device Atomatically handled at pack rates up to 28 per minute Features: With the standard film pre-dispensing device, even light products and stacks are reliably packaged without slipping The sealing system are maintenance-free that form the centre part of the machine. It has proven highly successful countless of thousands of times over in practical application This system also provides: * Flexible integration in the fully automatic production line. * Optoelectronic safety device equipped on the seal bar to ensure optimum operating safety and protect sensitive products. * Your personal advisor at E-shrink will be pleased to inform you about our product range and comprehensive services. * Glass, cans, cartons and boxes, both single and multi-tier, with and without trays, can be automatically handled at pack rates up to 28 per minute. * The 5525 Series produces excellent overall shrink even with odd-shaped products, satisfying the most stringent quality standards