Cross-Linked shrink film

Item Code: Features:With cross linked technology, cross-linked shrink film is the most perfect heat shrink film. It can help you solve all packaging problems. As cross-linked shrink film offers excellent shrinkage, strong & durable seals, wide sealing temperature range, it is suitable for all packaging systems with its excellent properties.
  • Description
Give you a perfect packing visual image especially on packing of abnormal shape.
It can help you to solve all packing problems with feature of higher shrinkage and
more strong strength. It can be used on high speed automatic packing machine.
Available thickness 12micron, 15micron, 19micron, 25mincron. 
Singlewound, Centerfold and Jumbo roll.
We also provide pre-perforated and mic-perforated service to cross-link shrink film, as well as provide bagging service. 


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