Standard POF shrink film

Item Code: Features:Polyolefin shrink film is a very good biaxial oriented 5-layer co-extrusion shrinkable film, which has excellent clarity, slip and physical performance. It is soft, flexible and not embrittle in low temperature after shrinking. It ensures your products to be better protected and does not give off any harmful gases. Also it is compatible with most wrapping systems including high-speed shrink-wrapping machine.
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5 layer co- extrusion biaxial orientation film, enviromental friendly. It was widely used in

packing field. It give your products economic and perfect packing effects with performance

of transparency and exceptional optical properties. Soft, toughness, high strength, cold 

and dusty resistance, no any harmful gas during usage.It can be use for all packing machine.

Available thickness 10micron, 12.5 micron, 15micron, 19micron, 25mincron and 30micron. 

Singlewound, centerfold, jumbo roll.

We also supply pre-perforated and mic-perforated polyolefin shrink film, as well as provide bagging service.





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