Triple bubble line Triple bubble line

Item Code:Triple bubble line Features:CE standard Suitable to process:LDPE,LLDPE,EVA,EAA,EMA,NYLON,EVOH Film thickness:30-100um Output:50kg/h Five-layer biaxial oriented tension product line is applied to process and produce biaxial oriented barrier shrink films. This line consists of extruder, mold, first tractor (including vacuum sizing), water slide heater, tension machine unit, setting oven, rotating tractor, mainframe plateform of winder (including cooling roller device).
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Multi-layer Biaxially Orientation Shrink Film Production Line absorbs foreign advanced 

technology and combined with our knowhow, applies to process LDPE, LLDPE, EVA, 

EAA, EMA, Ionomer MPE, Nylon, EVOH and etc. It is used in production of barrier shrink

film, special in production of casing, shrink bag. The line adopts three bubble process

to produce shrink film with high strength, good transparent, strong barrier properties. 

The film can be used for packaging processed meat, fresh meat, poultry, seafood and 

cheese. We make special design and manufacture to satisfy specific requirements of 

different clients.

Our clients produce high quality film with our line and sale to all over the world

including South America, Europe, Australia, southeast Asia, etc.



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